Commemoration of World Water Day and launch of UN World Water Development Report


Palais des Nations, Geneva
Room XVI, 5th floor of building A (Assembly Hall)
Followed by a reception at Le Hall des Pas Perdus,17:30-19:00 featuring a live interpretation of the Symphony for Water and Peace.


View broadcast below.


The photos of the event are available below:

The Geneva Water Hub is proud to be associated with the following event on the Commemoration of World Water Day and the Launch of the United Nations World Water Development Report 2019 convened by UN-Water.

World Water Day is an international day observed by the United Nations. It has been celebrated globally every year for more than 20 years following the United Nations General Assembly’s designation of 22 March as "World Water Day" in 1993. In 2019, OHCHR and UNHCR lead the coordination of World Water Day under the theme of “Leaving No One Behind”.

In the frame of this event, the Swiss jazzman Mich Gerber will be performing the first movement of the Symphony for Water and Peace. Commissioned by the Geneva Water Hub, this Symphony was produced alongside the work of the Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace to provide an artistic resonance to its work. A musician from each region of the world where the Panel convened produced one of the five movements that compose this Symphony which conveys the message that water is a source of peace and cooperation.

The invitation for this event is available below.

Les photos de l'évènement sont disponibles ci-dessous :