3rd Cairo Water Week - Strengthening the Role of Women in Water Diplomacy in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region


Online Technical Session
14:00-16:00 Cairo time

The Session will discuss the role of women in water diplomacy with emphasis on the Middle East and North Africa region. It will aim to identify opportunities and challenges, and eventually promote action for strengthening it. The Session is based on a Comparative Study on Women & Water Diplomacy in the MENA region that has been prepared by Natasha Carmi, Charafat Afailal, Anthi Brouma, Mey Sayegh, Tahani Sileet, and Maysoon Zoubi. The Cairo Water Week is the first occasion in which the findings of the Study are presented in the Arab world.

The Session aims to:

  • Present for the first time in and discuss the key findings of the Comparative Study, both in terms of the country baselines and also across the countries;
  • Receive feedback on areas to consider for the next steps with emphasis on capacity building needs;
  • Foster synergy with targeted regional institutions and development partners;
  • Further enhance the informal network of Women & Water Diplomacy in the MENA, led by the Comparative Study’s co-authors.


More information and full agenda on the session flyer below.