"Science Communication for Water Diplomacy in the Brahmaputra" workshop


Robert Banks Auditorium
Asian Insitute of Technology
Pathum Thani, Thailand

Water diplomacy has emerged as an approach that enables and often provides an opportunity to evaluate ways that can contribute to finding solutions for joint management of shared freshwater resources. While formal diplomacy (state-to-state) is often recognized as the only substantial negotiation. However, such diplomatic initiatives and policy making is disconnected from the ground reality. People to people diplomacy at the civil society or academic level is rapidly evolving and is being considered as a game-changer in a multi-polar world.


  • To discuss the existing conversation in the media on Brahmaputra, and deliberate if there is a need to change the narrative around the basin
  • To facilitate cross-learning between the stakeholder representing the Brahmaputra River Basin and Mekong River Basin
  • To establish dialogue between science, academia and policymakers to transform water conflicts into cooperation

Expected outcomes

  • Strengthen understanding of the Brahmaputra Rivers Basin through dissemination of knowledge generated in the project
  • Possible way forward to strengthen the science-media communication through collaborative initiatives.
  • Strengthen network of stakeholders working on the Brahmaputra basin and Mekin Basin.

The full concept note is available below.