Hydro-Hub, the Global Hydrometry Support Facility

Reliable hydro-meteorological observations and forecasts are critical to implement better water resources management practices and policies, and reduce water insecurity. However, data on water remain scarce, fragmented and difficult to access and interpret, particularly in regions affected by water scarcity and conflict. In June 2016, the Hydro-Hub, Global Hydrometry Support Facility (GHSF) was launched by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to address these issues as well as to capitalize on the numerous opportunities arising from recent developments in innovation research and data and information technology.

The GHSF aims to enhance the base of hydro-meteorological data at all levels to foster evidence- based policy- and decision-making, as well as facilitate conflict prevention and resolution in water resources management. Its long-term objective is to develop an efficient, innovative and sustainable framework for operational hydrometry, build capacity in hydrometry and water monitoring globally and facilitate free and open data sharing. The Global Hydrometry Support Facility brings together the newly established WHYCOS office, the WMO Hydrological Observing System (WHOS), a Hydrological Services Information Platform, and a Global Innovation Hub.

The Geneva Water Hub has been instrumental in the establishment of the GHSF and will contribute to its development, focusing on data issues in global hotspots and by improving the analytical basis to forecast water-related disputes and conflicts, especially in river basins at risk.

The 2017 Global Hydrometry Support Facility factsheet is available below: