Innovating Water Diplomacy: Announcing Our SPI Grant Winners!

09.07.2024 Setting the Research Agenda
Our SPI Grant for Water Diplomacy was launched on June 27th. The event showcased the successful projects, discussed approaches to science-policy interface, and provided details for the upcoming six months.

About the SPI Grant on Water Diplomacy

The SPI Grant is aimed at bridging research and policy in water diplomacy and is supported by The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and the University of Geneva. The focus is on global water governance challenges, such as transboundary water management, freshwater ecosystem protection, and the water-energy-food nexus.

Grant Winners and Project Descriptions

- Dr. Mohsen Nagheeby: Engaging local and international actors in Jordan, Dr. Nagheeby's project includes developing a policy brief, hosting a multi-stakeholder workshop, and disseminating ideas on equity and identity politics in transboundary water diplomacy.

- Dr. Sophie Bhalla (Erfurth): Focused on sustainable groundwater governance in Tunisia, Dr. Bhalla will share her research recommendations with policymakers through mediation sessions and transform her academic articles into policy briefs with local actors' feedback.

- Dr. Stefan Döring: Disseminating findings from his PhD on multi-level water dynamics, Dr. Döring will create policy briefs, podcasts, and blogs. His project aims to translate country-level diplomacy into local initiatives and address why some water diplomacy outcomes result in local disputes.

We are looking forward to seeing the work of our grantees. Stay tuned for updates on these projects and the next edition of the grant, which will launch in January 2025.