Podcast - The Impact Room - Philanthropy Age - Water scarcity: don't blame climate change

28.02.2024 Protection of Water During & After Armed Conflict
On this podcast, Dr Danilo Turk, Prof Mark Zeitoun, and Muna Dajani present a sobering analysis on the state of global water management and examine how this life-giving resource can be weaponised to do harm.

The Impact Room is a podcast by the Philanthropy Age, the leading source of philanthropic news, views, interviews and analysis for the Arab region, with a focus on inspiring and supporting planned giving. It is hosted by Maysa Jalbout and is a space to connect people and ideas that make a real difference to our world. Step inside to hear stories of success – and failure – from a host of global guests, all working to solve some of the world’s most intractable development challenges.

This edition focuses on the geopolitics of water. The host explores the role of water in conflict and how it has both the potential to be a weapon of war and a tool for peace. Listent to Maysa Jalbout in conversation with:

  • Professor Mark Zeitoun, the Director General of the Geneva Water Hub and Professor of Water Diplomacy at the Graduate Institute of Geneva;
  • Dr Danilo Turk, former President of the Republique of Slovenia, a candidate for UN secretary general in 2016, and a former chair of the Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace; 
  • Dr Muna Dajani, a fellow at the Geography and Environment Department at LSE, and an expert on community struggles around rights to water and land resources in settler colonial contexts including Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

Together, they discuss the gaps in global and regional water management, unpack what it means for water to be weaponised (as is the case in the besieged Gaza Strip) and make the case for more philanthropic support for frontline community organisations.

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You can also access it on the  Philanthropy Age website.