Science Diplomacy Week - Science-Diplomacy for water and peace


4:00 PM  5:30 PM
IHEID - Petal 5 - Conference Centre C1
2 Chemin Eugène-Rigot
Geneva (map)
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The pilot edition of the Open Forum of the Science Diplomacy Week 2022 provides an entry point into the rapidly evolving practice and research of science diplomacy in Geneva, Switzerland and the world. The Open Forum focuses on cutting edge programme experiences and research findings on science diplomacy to expand the empirical dimensions of this domain of practice and investigation. It also features key upcoming trends and areas of innovation in order to contribute to adaptation of diplomacy, multilateral governance, academia and business in the face of the coming decades of systemic change.

In 2017, the Global High-Level panel on Water and Peace published its report entitled “A matter of survival”. This document provides a set of recommendations for framing and further developing the agenda related to the use of water as an instrument for peace and cooperation. Water resources are the source of mounting pressures and tensions, however history also shows how powerful water resources can be for the establishment of regional cooperation framework. The science-diplomacy interface is a key aspect in such complex and critical setting. This session will therefore focus on how to equip diplomats to deal with such challenges, on how science can contribute and on how evidence-based approaches can contribute to reduce potential harm.

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