World Water Day 2021: Valuing Water for Peace


Today, we celebrate World Water Day, with the theme “Valuing Water”.

The sustainable development and security of freshwater are vital issues in this century, which are at the core of health security, food security, energy security, environmental security- and overall human security. Access to water is both a source of conflict, but also a powerful vehicle of cooperation and peace. This is the value of water.

It is with this positive vision that Geneva Water Hub was established, and which guides our research, advocacy and influence in water policies and the hydro diplomacy at the international level. Today we would like to share with you recent developments of our work in the following three videos:

  • A Tripartite Dialogue between the Russian, the Geneva Water Hub and the International Association of Lake Regions
  • Voix du fleuve, voie de la paix (Voices of the River, Pathway to Peace)
  • Women in Water Diplomacy, Empowering Women in Water Diplomacy in the Middle East and North Africa

The 2021 World Water Day was also the occasion to highlight a Joint statement by the Group of Friends on Water and Peace during the UN General Assembly 18 March 2021 High-Level Meeting on Water in New York.