‘The Weaponizing of Water in Contemporary Armed Conflicts’ : Mark Zeitoun interviewed by the Geneva Academy

Protection of Water During & After Armed Conflict Multimedia
Prof. Mark Zeitoun, joins other distinguished experts in the latest episode of the Geneva Academy's podcast, "In and Around War(s)". Together, they delve into the crucial involvement of expert engineers in decisions regarding water targeting, the historical and contemporary utilization of water as a weapon, and the pressing need for expanded research in this domain.
In and Around War(s), Geneva Academy podcast

"The latest episode of the In and Around War(s) podcast with the theme of ‘The Weaponizing of Water in Contemporary Armed Conflicts’ has been published. Following on from the discussions that took place during the recent IHL Talk on the same subject, the guests are Mark Zeitoun, Director General, Geneva Water Hub, and Professor of Water Diplomacy, Geneva Graduate Institute, and Abby Zeith, Legal Adviser, Arms and Conduct of Hostilities Unit, Legal Division, International Committee of the Red Cross.

Prof. Mark Zeitoun at the Geneva Academy, 2024

Subjects covered in the episode include role of expert engineers in decision processes related to the targeting of water during hostilities, the historical and contemporary use of water as a weapon, and the need for more research around these topics. The guests were also able to frame the issues in the context of their current roles and give some examples of positive developments in the legal work that is going into preventing the use of water as a weapon.

Dr Eugenie Duss, researcher at the Geneva Academy and host of the episode explained, ‘The opportunity to continue the discussions of our IHL Talks in these podcasts is extremely valuable. Not only does it create a concise record of the event, but also gives us the chance to further explore interesting points in more depth.’"

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